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cover-fragile-line-200x300  Fragile Line
by Brooklyn Skye

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Published by: Entangled on April 21, 2014
Genres: Depression & Mental Illness, Love & Romance, Social Issues, Young Adult
Pages: 260
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FRAGILE LINE by Brooklyn Skye is such a wild ride into the darkest of psychological places. This is funny because while reading the first 1/2 or maybe even 2/3′s of the book you wouldn’t think this is the case. But then you get to the super tripped-out finale and you go all: Woah! What the heck just happened?!

For me, the experience was an amazing one.

FRAGILE LINE starts off as a fairly straight-forward contemporary with a main character who has some serious memory problems. Somewhat like a mystery novel we slowly learn the source of those problems. Honestly, the end result was as just as much a jarring shock to me as it was for Ellie. I did not see that coming! …well, not for a long while, at least. Holy. Stromboli. I reached the twist near the end and I actually stayed up until 1am in the morning because I had to find out how it was all going to play out. It was a morbid curiosity, too, because that stuff was dark!

The twist might be a bit off-putting to those who had become acclimated to the preceding parts of FRAGILE LINE. The twist will also polarize readers with regard to whether or not they will enjoy the book. It definitely changes the tone of the book. Drugs, sexual situations, prostitution… all of these items are involved. Beware to younger teen readers out there: She dared to go there!

The resolution just adds to the realism of a story that could have veered into a hokey paranormal or “love saves all” resolution. No worries, guys! There is plenty of romance. At times, I didn’t want Ellie to be with her boyfriend, Shane, though. I actually rooted for “the other guy” (And yay for the action we get when it comes to Griffin!) But Ellie’s boyfriend, Shane? Ugh. I wanted to wring his neck more than once. Does he redeem himself in the end? Maybe. Minus one character point because of Shane’s doofusness (yes, I made that a word)…

Is there a love triangle? I know I mentioned two guys above. One of which I called “the other guy”. Folks, while there are two leading men, twist your head around this one: There is no love triangle. Trust me on that.

All in all, my favorite characters were Ellie, the mysterious Gwen and Griffin. My heart broke when Ellie’s life unraveled around her. Her absolute lack of control over all things – including her own actions for hours or days on end – was terrifying. I also felt for Gwen and her problems as they related to Ellie. I wanted to cling to Griffin throughout every scene in which he appeared. I was totally effected by all of these characters – enough so that I could not pause their story and put the book down.

Not even for sleep.


  • This is a DARING, RISKY story that the author has written. FRAGILE LINE goes into the darkest places of the soul that I have NEVER seen any YA book venture before.
  • Characterizations are solid. I believed in these people from Ellie to even the most minor of characters, including family, friends, ex-friends and more.
  • This is one of those reads that you will not want to put down – especially once you get to the final third of the book.


  • While FRAGILE LINE is totally easy to read, some of the darker parts of the story may drag the reader down – both physically and emotionally. Best to read it in one sitting so not to prolong those emotions! (Thank goodness this is easy to do!)
  • Shane. Oh, Shane… I loved your initial supporting personality so. Why did you have to go and let me down?

How psychologically accurate are the events in FRAGILE LINE? Of that I have no idea, but the author does a pretty darn good job convincing me that things like this actually can happen.

For that I say: “Bravo, Brooklyn. Bra-vo.”

Plot: 9
Characters: 9
Setting: 10

Grade: 95