The Unbound Blog Tour: Review + Interview




The Unbound
By Victoria Schwab

January 28, 2014
Ages 12 and up
Disney Hyperion





I am honored to be a part of Victoria Schwab’s blog tour for The Unbound, the second book in her series about what happens to us after we die and those who keep the dead in check. After being part of her Making History video tour for The Archived, you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to be part of this tour.

Please note: The Unbound is the second book to this series, if you have not yet read book one, The Archived, you really should get on that because this review will be full of book one spoilers.

 If you’re already a fan of The Archived, dare I say: The Unbound is even better!

The Pros:

– The writing is even more impressive as this author fine-tunes her skills with a vision and prose that surpasses her previous work. So many quotable passages in this book, guys. But, anyone who is familiar with Victoria’s work really should not be surprised. Like a fine wine, this author only gets better with age.

– The emotional levels are through the roof.  Victoria takes risks in how she treats her main characters. She forces them to deal with such issues as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) due to the horrific events in book one. There were moments when I wondered if our main characters would be successful, or if they would just give up, give in or worse. Bonds of trust are severed and misunderstandings between family and friends run rampant within The Unbound. You will wonder who is right, who is wrong – and who to trust until the very last page. This books is both breathtaking and heartbreaking in its beauty, but you will love every page of it.

– In all but one case, the book is entirely unpredictable.  Oh goodness, if I had to make comparisons, The Unbound is like a mix of Carrie by Stephen King, meets Something Like Normal by Trish Doller. Odd combination, I know, but you will understand one the plot and the psychology behind it come to light. Though I had a good idea who the villain would be in the end, I had no idea how they would pull off their devious plots. Suspense galore, my friends. Suspense galore.

The Cons:

The pacing in The Unbound is a bit off at times, but is an improvement over The ArchivedMainly early on in the book when Mac goes back to high school and acclimates to her new friends and schoolwork is when I had issue with the pacing. Otherwise, once the meat of the story kicks in and all heck breaks loose, the sluggishness of the earlier chapters is quickly forgotten. I never once found myself wanting to put the book down, at least.

– Mac’s depression occasionally dragged me down. But then again, I doubt that the emotional level and the story wouldn’t have been half as interesting if it hadn’t. Just make sure you read with a fluffy animal or with pictures of unicorns and rainbows around you. You might find that you need to pick-me-up.

Any other cons? Not really. But how quickly can we expect book three? With that ending, I know that things are going to get interesting…

Plot: 10
Setting: 10

Grade: 97